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When young people are exposed to harm in contexts beyond their families, we know that children's social care services sometimes places these young people in 'out of area' placements. These 'relocations' move young people away from harmful people or places, but are they effective in addressing harm? How often are they happening, and what is the cost to local authorities, and to young people, parents/carers and communities? The Securing Safety study aimed to answer these questions by surveying local authorities and carrying out interviews with young people and their families who have experienced relocation. We found that approximately 1 in 10 young people who are known to children's social care services due to extra-familial risk are relocated; that the impacts of relocation are broad, and the cost can be high. Read on to find out more.

Relocation: Key things to consider

These resources have been developed following engagement with professionals, young people and their parents/carers who have been involved in a 'relocation', they make recommendations for planning for relocations and are suggested for all of those involved in decision-making; including young people, parents/carers/social workers/IRO's/and professionals who sit on decision making panels.