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This resource is from the Scale-Up toolkit and should be used in conjunction with the other resources. You can access the Scale-Up toolkit here.

Example Survey for Young People

As part of the Scale Up project, we created a survey with support from a young person who was part of a consultation group. The survey aims to gather some general views about young people’s safety in different contexts. 

Some considerations for setting developing and conducting surveys include: 

  • What is the purpose of this survey? What are you trying to find out and why?
  • Can the design of the survey and questions you ask be co-produced with young people?
  • What will you do with what you find out? What will change?
  • How will young people be kept updated? Are there more opportunities for
    consulting with young people?

This survey example provides guidance on some ethical considerations for conducting surveys with young people, including how to explain what the information will be used for, how they can opt out or choose not to participate, and what the purpose of the survey is. 

Example Survey

How can you engage young people in surveys effectively? This is an example survey that you can use to gather some general views about young people's safety in different contexts

Space safety and young people survey

June 2022

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