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This resource is from the Scale-Up toolkit and should be used in conjunction with the other resources. You can access the Scale-Up toolkit here.

Case study: Working with parents

This case study is about how bringing parents together to safeguard their young people can be really effective. At a meeting to talk about extra-familial harm with different agencies, workers found out that a young person had been seriously hurt by someone in their friendship group. The workers were worried about the group. Many of the boys were not in education or employment and the workers felt they were at increased risk of child criminal exploitation in the community. The parents felt fed up with the police, and workers were worried that there had been arrests but often no further action taken to support the boys. Normally, when young people are in this situation, workers would assume that a way to bring about safety would be to put them into care. This case study shows a different way.

Case study: engaging parents

This case study looks at ways of working with parents to safeguarding their young people. 



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