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This resource is from the Scale-Up toolkit and should be used in conjunction with the other resources. You can access the Scale-Up toolkit here.

Engaging young people activity sheet

This tool is for professionals engaging with young people to understand how they want to be worked with. It provides some guidance questions that you can ask young people, and different ways of recording their views to ensure their voices are heard. This tool can be adapted to different ages, can be given to a young person to fill out themselves, or can be filled out alongside a professional. It provides young people with opportunities to express how they want to be worked with, how they don't want professionals to act, what they think would make them safer in the community, and more generally, what makes a good worker. 

Tool: Working with young people

How can you work in ways that align with what young people would like? This is an activity sheet for young people to share their views on what makes a good worker

Tool: Working with young people

June 2022

Scale Up Toolkit