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This resource is from the Scale-Up toolkit and should be used in conjunction with the other resources. You can access the Scale-Up toolkit here.

Engaging Young People in an Event

This tool is for professionals engaging with young people who are participating in an event. This is a resource suited to those looking to support young people who are thinking about participating in activities such as workshops, presentations, or training session. It provides guidance on how to show young people the benefits of participating, ensuring they fully consent and understand they can change their mind, and how to help young people prepare to minimise nerves or anxiety and ensure they feel supported. 

Tool: Engaging Young People in an Event

This resource will help you to: discuss with young people understand the benefits of public speaking, to provide support and guidance to help them prepare, to think about what they might gain from the process (including compensation), communicate their right to change their mind, and think about how to provide appropriate aftercare once the event is complete.

Tool: Engaging Young People in an Event

June 2022

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