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How do we create safety in schools and communities to reduce violence and harm between students?

Jenny Lloyd from the Contextual Safeguarding team and Power the Fight (an organisation empowering communities to end violence affecting young people) have been funded by London’s Violence Reduction unit to address violence and harm within schools and communities by developing Contextual Safeguarding and culturally sensitive work in schools. 

We have been funded to develop several activities including:

  • Delivering support to children affected by extra familial harms within educational settings.
  • Creating resources and training on the connection between CS and culturally sensitive practice to disseminate.
  • Understanding how behaviour-based approaches to extra-familial harm in schools act as barrier or enable contextual and culturally safe environments.
  • Co-delivering training and reflective practice workshops.
  • Creating resources so that systems change reaches wider policy and practice and supports wider scaling of contextually and culturally safe school contexts.

This project is running from January 2024 until 2026.