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I joined the Contextual Safeguarding research programme in 2018. At Durham, I work on the ‘Contextual Safeguarding Across Borders’ project as part of a study exploring the applicability of Contextual Safeguarding in Europe to safeguard asylum seeking and refugee children from extra-familial harm. Some of my time is also spent managing and creating content for the Contextual Safeguarding Network. I also work at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre at the University of Bedfordshire, which I joined in 2017, where I am a Research Fellow on the ESRC-funded ‘Innovate Project’, exploring innovation processes in children social care and the voluntary sector to address extra-familial risks experienced by adolescents.

My research looks at alternative approaches to safeguarding adolescents from extra-familial harm in the UK and internationally, exploring the roles of statutory agencies, voluntary, and community organisations, and approaches to strengthening synergies between them. I am interested in the social and structural conditions of harm experienced by young people and in building on the knowledge and strengths of young people and communities to inform change.