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Out There’ Rescue and Response (R&R): A contextual safeguarding evaluation of a pan-London safeguarding response to children who are criminally exploited via ‘county lines’.

The Contextual Safeguarding team have been commissioned to evaluate the MOPAC funded ‘Rescue and Response’ project. A three year pilot programme that aims to combine analytic capacity with the provision of direct support to safeguard London young people who are at risk of harm due to the ‘county lines’ model of drug distribution.

Paula Skidmore, Project Lead, The evaluation asks:

What are the mechanisms of a ‘team around the network’ approach, in what ways and how does it work to increase practitioner awareness of county lines and to facilitate a safeguarding response for young people?

In what ways and how do the ‘breaking the cycle’ [training] activities function to increase practitioner awareness of county lines and facilitate a safeguarding response for young people?

Where and how does the R&R model leverage improved service, particularly safeguarding responses, to young people and vulnerable adults (under-25), what are the barriers and enablers to implementing a safeguarding response?

In what ways does the R&R model facilitate increased safety, and feelings of safety, amongst young people and their families?

To support this understanding, Paula uses the following methods:

Semi-structured interviews with the project staff and project partners in three VCS organisations and three London boroughs

Reviews of VCS case files and statutory case files for young people engaged through the project

Observations of practice with project staff and in three London boroughs (observing multiagency risk panels)

Interviews with delegates who have attended the project training course

Review of young people’s experiences through a survey distributed to young people engaged through the project

Contextual case reviews in 8 London boroughs to explore the contribution of R&R to contextual approaches to assessing and responding to harm

Delivery of annual briefings as well as attendance at the project Operational and Strategic board meetings

Principal investigator: Carlene Firmin

Contact :

Funder: MOPAC

Related publication: Contextual-Safeguarding-and-County-Lines-Briefing_-Wroe-Oct-2019-FINAL.pdf