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Contextual Safeguarding Across Borders

Contextual Safeguarding Across Borders is a two-year project (2021-2023) exploring the application of Contextual Safeguarding in international contexts, specifically in situations of structural, historical, and contemporary racial inequalities.

A 2020 update on the operational, strategic and conceptual framework

A briefing that summarises developments in the use and meaning of the Contextual Safeguarding framework from 2017 through to 2020.

County Lines and Contextual Safeguarding Briefing 2019

A briefing which explores what a Contextual Safeguarding framework might offer to developing responses to young people who are exploited via county lines drugs distribution

The legal and policy framework for Contextual Safeguarding approaches : 2020 update

This briefing considers the extent to which changes made to Working Together to Safeguard Children in 2018, and the existing legislative underpinning that guidance, provide a sufficient policy and practice framework for adopting a Contextual Safeguarding approach.

Authors: Carlene Firmin and Rachel Knowles

Securing Safety

Securing Safety: A study into the scale and experience of relocation in response to extra-familial abuse.

A Briefing on Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Schools

A briefing that presents findings from a two-year study into harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) in English schools, Beyond Referrals Two. The briefing provides an overview of key thematic findings from the study, organised in relation to: the prevalence of HSB; strengths of responses; disclosure; peer support; parental engagement; and disability and provides 30 recommendations for schools, multi-agency safeguarding partners and the wider field of education.

Contextual Safeguarding Legal Briefing 2018

A summary of the legal and regulatory tools of relevance to the Contextual Safeguarding approach, authored by a partnership of legal experts, child protection professionals and researchers.

Contextual Safeguarding Strategic Briefing 2017

A briefing summarising the Contextual Safeguarding framework from a conceptual, strategic and operational perspective: based on testing by the close of 2017.

MsUnderstood Project Report 2016

A report that chronicles the findings and resources of a three year study to build contextual responses to peer-on-peer abuse in England. The study underpinned the design of the Contextual Safeguarding framework.

Case Review Paper 2017

A paper summarising the findings of the four year doctoral study (2011-2015) in which nine cases of peer-on-peer abuse were reviewed to understand safeguarding responses: a study in which the term ‘Contextual Safeguarding’ was first coined.

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